Performing Arts United (PAU), provide music education, encouragement and development of performing arts consisting of Music Production, Vocal / Song Writing, Acting, Dance and Video Production, to at-risk youth and communities underserved, promoting K-12, post-secondary education and entrepreneurism to strengthen communities. Performing Arts United offer free instruction by qualified instructors, for encouragement through development and practice.


 In addition to from grants from grants, businesses and private donations Performing Arts United will be creative with fundraising strategies and opportunities. With the support of aspiring performing artists, qualified instruction, donations, fundraisers and community support. Performing Arts United will develop and showcase artists, that would not have had the opportunity to gain experience while showcasing their artistry, because of financial or demographic hardships as well as the lack of instruction and venues accessible to practice within their community.


PAU slogan is to Develop Artistic Talent While Strengthening Communities, PAU believe that with community activism and building relationships with students that the program also help Educate, Prevent and Rehabilitate. PAU Educate by providing entrepreneurism, Prevent by providing Resources and Rehabilitate by providing continuing education.


By connecting with youth at a young age it allows them the opportunity to explore, grow and develop their ambitions. PAU program also help build communities by helping youth make positive decisions while in the classroom and in the community.