Music Production / Recording

The music production and recording program creates music using the latest technology of producing music (Reasons and Logic), the music production program, will allow music producers / engineers the opportunity of creating custom beats from scratch. The music recording program will allow music producers / engineers the opportunity of recording artist and mastering of the music.

Singing / Rapping

The singing and rapping program involves the creation of original songwriting lyrics. Instruction of singing lessons from a vocal coach will teach aspiring artist proper breathing technique with the promotion of vocal health and finding their vocal range. The rapping sessions will encourage original songwriting of lyrics, while finding and perfecting their own original style. Freestyle sessions will be practiced to increase style, vocabulary and deliverance.  

Vocal Training

The vocal training program is designed to encourage artist to explore and find their vocal range, while exploring new vocal octave limits, while also factoring their genre of music selection, to stay current, authentic, while providing their own style of creativity.

Dance / Stage Performance

The dance and stage performance program will teach dancers and performers current dance moves, style and presences to perform individually or with a group. The dance and stage performance program will also prepare dancers through routine and choreography to be prepared for tryouts of competition to have the skills set to audition for music videos.

Acting (Monologues, Duologues and Commercials)

The acting program will prepare aspiring actors / actresses, how to read and act out monologues, duologues and commercials, through script reading. The acting program also will educate aspiring actors / actresses, on body language, facial expressions and vocal training techniques of proper tones, while acting. The acting program will prepare aspiring artist with the necessary tools to audition for either agents or agencies.

Video Production

The video production program will prepare aspiring film directors / producers, the ability to create music videos. The video production program will focus on directing, filming and editing videos using equipment and software technology. The program will allow aspiring film directors / producers with the skills to produce high quality videos independently.